Two sisters & a cup of tea

5: Real Love (3:12-4:12): A conversation with Andrew Sach

October 14, 2022 Felicity, Sarah & Andrew Sach Season 6 Episode 5
Two sisters & a cup of tea
5: Real Love (3:12-4:12): A conversation with Andrew Sach
Show Notes

We’re joined today by Andrew Sach as we dig into the second half of the letter. 

Andrew Sach is pastor of GraceChurch Greenwhich, the author of the ‘Dig Deeper’ books, and also works for the Cornhill Training Course in London.

Questions to Dig into over a Cup of Tea:

- How do you usually go about seeking to understand passages in the Bible? 

- How does the structure, repetition and context tool help demystify this bit in 1 Thessalonians? 

- How has this passage surprised you through its encouragement and challenge? Is there anything that has made you hear the passage differently to when you first read it? 

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Book Recommendation:
ESV Prayer Journal: 30 Days on the Gospel
Pick up a copy of Dig Deeperby Andrew Sach here
Find Andrew’s bible tool videos here

In Other News…

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