Two sisters & a cup of tea

3: Real Gospel (2:1-16)

September 30, 2022 Felicity & Sarah Season 6 Episode 3
Two sisters & a cup of tea
3: Real Gospel (2:1-16)
Show Notes

What does an authentic gospel life look like? Paul shows us something of it in this part of the letter…

Questions to Dig into over a Cup of Tea:

- What's striking about the way Paul feels about the Thessalonians?

- What does the authentic gospel life look like here?

- How does the assurance given to the Thessalonians in turn assure us in our faith?

- Spend some time dwelling on v13. What does it look like to functionally believe this and rejoice in it?

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Book Recommendation:
In the Lord I Take Refuge by Dane Ortlund

In Other News…

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