Two sisters & a cup of tea

7: Longings of the heart: 113-144

June 17, 2022 Felicity and Sarah Season 5 Episode 7
Two sisters & a cup of tea
7: Longings of the heart: 113-144
Show Notes

We’re at a crossroads in the psalm.  As our psalmist looks up from his own situation to the world around him, what does he see?

Questions to dig into over a cup of tea:

- How are believers and unbelievers contrasted in these stanzas?

- What does assurance look like for our psalmist?  How is our assurance even greater?

- What does it look like to lament both with confidence and hope because of the cross?

- How does being in God’s word help you to see the world and the Lord with greater clarity?

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Book Recommendation:
Tears & Tossings by Sarah Walton

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